The Forbidden Practices Of The Occult

This is a very well written article from someone quite knowledgeable in Christianity. It is also a poignant example of the misunderstanding of the occult from a fundamentalist Christian perspective. I point it out not to mock or demean, but to perhaps bridge the gap between those knowledgeable of both esoteric and exoteric practices. I would ask if they are willing to speak of the devout Christian beliefs and dogma opposed to the occult seeing as how in general they are evidently ok with some of the practices in the bible that are clearly occult in nature. Practices such as the use of the Urim and Thummim and the seeming acceptance by YHWH of the consultation of the Witch of Endor in conjuring the spirit of the prophet Samuel. These are obvious uses of divination and necromancy, which, as the article states, are impure and sinful practices, yet they seem to be overlooked as being occult practices. Perhaps a look into the proto-christian beliefs of the Jews at Qumran and their codices we’ve found in the Dead Sea scrolls would be a bit eye opening for Christians insistent on the fundamentalist nature of Christianity as a religion. The Essenes were quite mystic in nature and practiced many rituals that modern Christians would take as occult and sinful. As far as I have seen in my research, all Judeo-Christian religions have had an occult or mystic aspect to the religion and there is much to be learned from this. Perhaps both occultist and Christian can use this knowledge to see a bit closer eye to eye and prevent the demonization of each other.

The Prophet Samuel
The Prophet Samuel

The Forbidden Practices Of The Occult – rymcovenant

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