Scythian Gold – A Look At Pre A.D. Master Goldsmiths

The Scythians were an interesting and unique culture of Eurasian nomads. I will not get into their beliefs or religion here, rather, I would simply like to show some of the crafts for which they have become most renown. Spoken of by Herodotus, they were known to inhabit the area around the Black Sea. Between the times of the 9th and 1st century BC they inhabited the area between modern day Iran and the Russian steppes (and possibly moved into areas of China). They were well known for their craftsmanship, among other things. Very skilled with the technology of the time, they created remarkable jewelry, and were masters in the art of goldsmithing. Their artwork was especially distinct, and is the showcase of this gallery. In specific, the gallery highlights their jewelry making skills. With that, I’ll leave you with some examples.

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