Religion For Breakfast

Gospel Of Judas – What Does It Really Say?

I’m a fan of Religion For Breakfast, he is working on studies in religion and really seems to take an unbiased view of the topic he speaks on. In this episode he speaks on the Gospel Of Judas, some of the reasons that this codex was removed in purging efforts like the Council of Nicea, the most well known, or some of the other councils to establish Christian doctrine. He goes on to touch on more atypical Gnostic Christian doctrines such as identifying the old testament Yahweh or Jehovah as what was referred to in Gnostic doctrine as Sophia’s abortion.

Samael – Stop hitting yourself
The Gnostics referring to the thought form as Yaldabaoth or Ialdabaoth, sometimes being associated with Samael (סַמָּאֵל), or the “blind god” and it’s relation to the old testament god. This title referring to it’s will to virulently propagate itself because of a lack of perspective of his place and the egoistic idea that he is god and deserves psychological and physical offerings.

Source: Religion For Breakfast
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