Nasim Aghdam

Nasim Aghdam – Scrubbed Content Archives

After a little sleuth work I’ve found archives of all of Nasim Aghdam’s videos and images from her social media a bit ago. The archives were found on that hacker named 4chan who seemingly had mixed emotions of whether to decry her as a psychotic PETA supporting vegan, and their darling girl for the moment. It’s pretty obvious that Nasim was struggling with mental issues and there has been much speculation about that. What can be said is that she did have some legitimate complaints about some of youtube’s content ad revenue policies being selectively enforced. I could never condone her actions but also find myself a bit sympathetic to an obviously disturbed individual having one of the only outlets for self expression being removed because of political or social differences. Just as a disclaimer I by no means support either her actions or the actions of PETA who has been known for systematically killing the same animals they claim to be helping. This is solely here as an archive of a true anomaly of a human and I suppose an act on my part of rebellion against the blatant censorship of someone’s content. Enjoy ;]. By the way, never support PETA, they are animal killing hypocrites who have been known to steal people’s pets in the name of liberating them only to then immediately euthanize them without trying to find a good home. I urge any animal lovers to sign the petition on their site.

You can find the individual archives here:

Archive 1: Videos, (276.9 MB)
Archive 1

Archive 2: Videos, (325.7 MB)
Archive 2

Archive 3: Videos, (420.5 MB)
Archive 3

Archive 4: Videos, (3.34 GB)
Archive 4

Archive 5: Images from social media and websites, (1014.8 MB)
Archive 5

If you don’t want to download large zip files and just want to see some of the videos you can also view them at the link below. There is also the raw footage of her interaction with police the night before her shootings on my youtube channel at 333kephirhet666 – Youtube

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