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Installing CoffeeScript And Dependencies On Ubuntu

I’ve been meaning to learn both node.js and CoffeeScript for a while. After using SASS and LESS a bit with CSS I’ve come to appreciate markup and language preprocessors. So if you want to learn one for javascript and are running a Debian based Linux system this is how to install CoffeeScript.

sudo apt-get install npm

To check if npm is installed

which npm

Now to install CoffeeScript

sudo npm install --global coffeescript

And check again to make sure CoffeeScript is installed

which coffee

Check if you have node.js installed

which node
which nodejs

If not, then install, symlink, and update
You can omit the symlink if you dont get errors

sudo apt-get install nodejs
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node
sudo npm cache clean -f
sudo npm install -g n
sudo n stable

From there you should be able to type `coffee -i` into the terminal to see if it’s installed properly and you get an interactive prompt.
You can find the CoffeeScript documentation here, The npm (node package manager) documentation here, and the node.js documentation here.

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